Learn more about Catholic Social Teaching through the papal social encyclicals. Read articles. Take courses from our Study Center. These materials provide a broad range of thoughts related to the contemporary issues prevalent in our world today, that you can apply to your professional and personal daily life.

CST Courses

Courses range from evening or weekend programs, to full-immersion week long events, complete with accommodations. Courses will be updated periodically.


Articles related to Contemporary Issues

Stay current with the latest social thought by Catholic lay leaders and academics, in a forum where the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and application can be discussed and reflected upon in a rigorous and nuanced way.

Read Social Thought related to the various contemporary issues of our times, such as Consumerism, Globalization, Human Rights, and Radical Secularism.

Social Encyclicals

At the heart of CST are the papal encyclicals –letters from our Holy Father covering contemporary economic, political and cultural issues of the times. View Social Encyclical List.

Papal Addresses to CAPP

Read the messages from Pope Francis, as well as our past patriarchs Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
Visit the Papal Addressess page.

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Enterprise, which depends on decision-making by various stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, local authorities and communities; is a restless process that can only be guided by ethical considerations that prioritise the values of humility and openness Read more