Catholic Social Teaching is a set of values for us to internalize, to evaluate the framework of modern society, and to provide criteria for prudential judgement and direction for current policy and action.

CAPP-USA President Robert Nalewajek presents the basic tenets of Catholic Social Teaching at the Catholic Medical Association's 82nd Annual Education Conference, “Mission, Justice, and Medicine: Integrating Catholic Social Teachings into Health Care,” held October 24-26, 2013, in Santa Barbara, California.

"The "new evangelization", which the modern world urgently needs and which I have emphasized many times, must include among its essential elements a proclamation of the Church's social doctrine." (CA, 5)

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Enterprise, which depends on decision-making by various stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, local authorities and communities; is a restless process that can only be guided by ethical considerations that prioritise the values of humility and openness Read more