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CAPP is a lay-led, pontifical organization characterized by a special relationship with our founder, Saint John Paul II, and his successors to the Chair of Peter, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.  The Holy Father sees CAPP as a vehicle for lay education and evangelization of Catholic social doctrine.

Saint John Paul established Fondazione Centesimus Annus – Pro Pontifice (CAPP) on June 5, 1993, just two years after writing his seminal encyclical on the modern social condition, Centesimus Annus

This Foundation is a non-profit, and has the purpose of religion and charity. It is specifically intended to work together to study and to spread the knowledge and application of Christian social doctrine in today's society.

The foundation for the pursuit of the purposes stated:

  • promotes among qualified people for their commitment to the business and professional knowledge in the society of Christian social doctrine and information about the activities of the Holy See;
  • encourages initiatives to develop the presence and work of the Catholic Church in the various spheres of society;
  • promoting the collection of funds for the support of the Apostolic See (Article 3 of the Statute).

It is run in accordance with its approved bylaws under the aegis of the Apostolic See, and is headquartered in the state of Vatican City. The organization is subject to the civil law of Vatican City and the Canon Law of the Church.

This vehicle for the personal and professional expression of Catholic social teaching by the business, professional, and academic community has grown to 15 chapters in Italy.  Just prior to the Holy Year 2000, the Holy Father called for its globalization when he stated, “I wholeheartedly wish that the Foundation will grow so that it can ever more effectively work with the Holy See and the Church in the new evangelization and in promoting the civilization of love” (September 11, 1999).

In addition to the United States, connections are in Poland, Germany, Spain, France, Slovakia, Malta, UK, Switzerland, Argentina, Philippians, and Canada.

CAPP is made up of business people, academics, and professionals who assist Pope Francis in the continuing call for a "New Evangelization " as well as the investigation and  development of strategies for "integral human development." 

CAPP members form a community dedicated to impacting the structures of society, as well as the key issues facing us. Through a process of REFLECTING on CST and then using that to EVALUATE the world around us, forming our prudential judgment, and then ACTING in the public square.

 CAPP Logo

The CAPP logo is a reproduction of a medal found during the digging under St. Peter’s Basilica to locate the tomb of the first Pope, and depicts our two saints St. Peter and St. Paul.

Dating of this medal is uncertain but the fact that the two Saints are crowned together points to the first centuries A.D., when the two Saints were venerated and usually portrayed together.

Dimensions are practically the same as the logo on our letterhead. The medal was loaned to us by Cardinal Castillo Lara, and is part of the numismatic collection of the Vatican Museums.

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